Perioscope Treatment

What is the Perioscope?

The Perioscope is a specifically designed, tiny oral camera that is used to explore the inflamed pockets between gums and teeth.

Highly magnified images are transmitted to a monitor, allowing for views of calculus buried between teeth, between roots and around corners that cannot be seen with dental loupes alone. This advancement in dental technology provides our doctors and hygienists with a tool to go beyond traditional deep cleaning without the use of a scalpel or laser. Perioscopy is no more invasive than regular deep cleaning, which involves scaling and planing of the root’s surface. A local anesthetic is used to dull any potential discomfort, and the procedure takes between one to two hours to complete.

Because the Periscope gives us close-up views of the area that requires treatment, we can avoid flap surgery in most cases. Flap surgery is a procedure using a surgical opening to give a clear view of, and access to,  the area that requires treatment.

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